When in doubt wear red

It's officially autumn and to kick off the season, I have already suffered with and recovered from a cold and now have some sort of throat infection. It's not autumn until you've been ill, unfortunately. But the new season means new outfits. On Saturday night, I went to my friend's mum and aunts (they're twins) birthday party. I'd been suffering all day with a kind of a hazy headache that made me feel sleepy and my throat was so sore I was struggling to swallow anything, including liquids. But, I was determined to go out. With an hour to go, I rushed some makeup, had to redo the eyes and quickly put together an outfit.

The lipstick in this photograph is the same one I mentioned in my previous blog post, Rimmel Londons The Only 1 matte lipstick in shade 810, one of a kind. The picture makes it look a little lighter than it did, in reality, the shade was almost the exact match to my bodysuit, maybe a shade lighter. Because it's autumn, I thought a deep red shade was the perfect choice for a birthday party.

This deep red lace bodysuit was a gift from my sister and is the perfect shade for autumn. I love this colour so much, I also love the high neckline and slightly-longer sleeves. It was just the perfect choice for my first autumn party. I wanted to look vaguely conservative, I knew there would be a few older people there that would judge me and I also hadn't shaved my legs, so I went with these tight, high-waisted trousers with faux-zip pockets. I added some chunky platform boots which have a bit of a heel and are super comfortable. I threw on my leather jacket and off I went. 

The night isn't complete without some kind of bathroom mirror selfie, right? Also, the ginger in the hat in the second picture is my best friend (it was her mum and aunts party). She looked absolutely fantastic in a shirt, waistcoat and hat. I do love her even if she is drunk 80% of the time that I see her.  

I hope you liked this post. I'd like to do more outfit related things in the future if you guys are interested. If not, I'm going to do them anyway. 

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read this post. 

See you on the next one. 

Tiffani. x


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