Autumn Favourites

It's that time of year again, the time when we put out bikinis, shorts and sandals away only to replace them with the jumpers that have been hiding in our wardrobes, cupboards and underneath our bed. It's an amazing time. A time when we realise we own beautiful jumpers that we've totally and utterly forgotten about them because of the hot weather and slightly golden hue to our skin. I've enjoyed the summer months but it has taken quite a toll on my skin and the regime required to keep my body ready for the summer has been too much to handle. Now, the autumn is here and that brings on a whole new skin issue with the cold weather. So, I thought I'd do a little autumn favourites blog post to tell you the things I've been enjoying in the last couple of weeks and am excited to continue using throughout the autumn and upcoming winter months. 

Firstly, this autumn crown Snapchat filter is everything I never knew I needed in a filter. It's so majestic and autumnal. It won't fail to make you feel like an autumnal queen or king. Excuse the state of me in these pictures, I've just gotten over a cold and now I've got some sort of infection in my throat meaning my tonsils are rubbing together and swallowing is the most painful experience of my life. I'm also coughing because my throat is irritated which means sleeping is out of the question. Last night is the best night of sleep I've had in a few days. 

Let's talk about the colour yellow. It's not a colour that I'm accustomed to wearing. I love the colour yellow, I've just never thought it suited me at all but recently I decided to step out of my comfort zone and a few months ago, I saw this beautiful mustard yellow crop top jumper that I just knew I needed. My nan bought it for me and I've been waiting for the autumn seasons to descend so I can wear it. It's soft and the colour isn't too bright - not that bright yellow is bad, it's the happiest colour on the planet. Also, I found this distressed top in New Look (the jumper is also from New Look) and I have a similar one in white, so I thought 'why not?' I love the distressed look, yes, you get a lot of comments from your family about wearing clothes with holes in it but it's edgy and I just like it. I also bought a pair of yellow trousers which are more of a summer thing but they're beautiful. 

On the subject of yellow, I saw this beautiful underwear set in New Look and just couldn't resist. You can just skip this part if you don't want to hear about my underwear but if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love underwear. I love buying underwear and wearing it even if nobody gets to see it except me. There are just so many different types and styles of bras and pants that I can't resist something pretty - I'm like a magpie. Both pieces are made from satin with lace decoration, the back of the pants are made completely from mesh and lace. The floral print and the mustard colour fabric is just stunning and my underwear drawer looks even better with these in them. Also, another TMI moment but I struggle with some bras so finding beautiful ones that fit are a plus from me. This fits lovely but there is quite a bit of padding, which isn't really needed, so my boobs look huge when I wear it, I don't know if this is a pro or con but yeah, at least it's pretty. 

During a recent trip to New Look with my nan (she has a New Look card and is just the best) we found this beautiful pink leather skirt which I've fancied for quite a while. I love the colour pink, especially in this pale shade and have been wanting a skirt in this colour for quite a while. So, this was an absolute must for me. It's a simple skirt that is very flattering even if it does make my legs look super pale. I wish I'd purchased a few more colours. Next, I got this top from Romwe. It was really cheap, I think maybe £6 and is just so accurate. The slogan 'why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?' is perfect. The shirt is a little baggy but looks great with jeans, tucked in or tied up at the front. Honestly, I had to buy this.

The best thing about going shopping in New Look with my nan was finding this beautiful jacket. It's a camel colour suede in a similar style to a biker jacket. I have a leather jacket which is almost identical to this, except for the buckle at the bottom and I love this style. I wore it throughout the autumn and winter months last year, so I knew I just had to have this jacket. It feels and looks amazing. 

Skincare is a major part of my routine no matter the season but now with the cold weather approaching it's important to make sure my face isn't too dry. To battle any breakouts or skin care issues, I've been using two of the L'oreal Paris face masks for the past few months. I used both the pure clay detox and the pure clay glow masks. Recently, I got these two - the bright mask and blemish rescue mask. I was convinced when I saw how beautiful the colours were but also because these masks are very fairly priced.

For the last few years, I've enjoyed using body mists on a daily basis instead of constantly shrouding my body in a mist of perfumes. They're super fragrant, lightweight and during the summer when you're sweating loads, you can carry them around and spritz yourself to refresh the scent. There are some simple scents from nspar that replicate delicious fruity flavours like coconut, vanilla, mango, pineapple and much more. The Victoria Secret body mists are next level. The scents are beautiful and just look at the packaging, they're so colourful and the names are perfect. The first one I ever used was 'coconut passion' which is the perfect blend of warm vanilla and coconut - both of which scents I love. My nan bought me this for Christmas one year and I just love it. She always buys me this one now. The other scent is a spare one my nan had called 'secret charm' which is honeysuckle, gala apples and Stephanotis. It's sweet but not sickly. These are all year round treats. 

The hunt for autumn candles has been difficult for me. I hate all the scents of winter. I checked the entire Christmas section at a garden centre the other day and did not like one single candle. However,  I do love vanilla. This sugared vanilla candle is from Morrisons and costs about £2.50. The scent is sweet. I have the diffuser in the exact same scent and my room smells beautiful. 

I'm also excited to try this little Yankee candle, 'dreamy summer nights.' I got it as part of a selection pack my sister bought for Christmas last year, it's the last one of the pack and though it smells like a summer night, it's dark and musky, perfect for the autumn months. 

The time for dark lips is upon us and I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone this autumn. I'm usually unsure about these darker colours because my lips are thin and the lines never come out perfect, so I usually end up taking them off minutes before I'm due to leave the house. This year will be different though, I've made a vow to myself to wear darker lips more often because there's nothing more autumnal than a deep red lipstick. I wore shade 810 'one of a kind' on Saturday night and it looked so good, I'm glad I braved wearing it but I was anxiously checking my lipstick in the bathroom mirror and touching it up. It tends to move around the longer you wear it and blurs around the edges of your lips, but I kept it on all night and I'm glad I did because it bought my entire outfit together. 

These are some of my favourite things for the autumn alongside big scarves, boots and experimenting with darker, more autumnal eyeshadows - all of which are works in progress at the moment. I'm sorry this hasn't really had a focus but there are so many autumnal favourites that needed to be mention. I'm going to follow this post with an autumn 'going out' outfit post. As ever, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read this post. 

Tiffani. x


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