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Oatifix: Lush Saved My Skin Again

Sunday is my least favourite day of the week. I often find myself asking what I've achieved in the week and usually, it's not a lot but on Sundays, I like to try and feel as though I have my s*** together just a little bit. This usually ends up in me rejuvenating my skincare. I like to think that focusing my attention on my skincare, my life might magically sort itself out - of course, this isn't going to happen but it's something that gets me through days like today. Skincare for me is very day orientated, most days I can barely be bothered to take my makeup off and others I'm using three different types of cleansers and toners before putting on an overnight mask. But, occasionally I like to pick up and try out a new facemask. Unlike most people, I don't see much difference when I put on a facemask like my skin feels good but other than that, it's almost as though it's had no effect. Which is why I'm always on the hunt for something new to try so …

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