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Hola beautiful people! Today I thought I'd talk a little bit about music. Though we all have different tastes when it comes to music, we all listen to it. The majority of us listen to some sort of music every single day. I know I do. Whether it's my phone on the way to work, the radio in the car, or a playlist in the gym, I always listen to music at some point. For me, music is therapeutic. It's a way to get out of my head and think about something else, often a source of inspiration too. I've always been very openminded when it comes to music. I listen to a variety of different things and I discover new songs and artists all the time. So, it's hard to picture a world without music. With the great impact that music has on our lives, I thought it was only proper that I put together a little blog post about the music that I've been loving this month. So, here's my March Playlist.

Friends, Anne Marie and Marshmello
I thought that this song would be a good place to start because it's very cheery. This is one of those songs that you hear on the radio and find yourself humming later in the day. It's upbeat and I love the lyrics. I feel this song so much at the moment. I want to sing it to a bunch of guys I know because seriously, "haven't I made it obvious? haven't I made it clear? Want me to spell it out for you? F-R-I-E-N-D-S" - honestly, I've felt this so many times that this song should be my theme tune. Obviously, Anne Marie is a fabulous singer so she and Marshmello in this song are the perfect combination. Also, the music video is so cute. 

Feed the Wolf, Breaking Benjamin
I have mentioned Breaking Benjamin before on a post about songs that make me smile - see here - as I'm a huge fan of their music. They have such a familiar sound, it's instantly recognisable. It doesn't matter if it's a track from their 2005 album Phobia or their most recent track feed the wolf, you instantly know that it's them. I want to describe them as gritty rock which probably makes zero sense but for me, their music is gritty and raw. Feed the Wolf definitely gravitates towards a heavier sound. Breaking Benjamin has a talent for making unique songs that resonate, like their older tracks which are almost ten years old and still some of my favourites, they're timeless. This song is somehow motivational and uplifting while talking about the wolf inside - "I can feel the animal within, I chain the beast and crawl inside myself" - which makes this another great gym track.

Glorious You; Frank Turner
This song was recommended to me by a friend. He told me to give it a listen because it reminded him of me. I was intrigued, of course, and listened to it the moment I got home. I was quite nervous but upon listening to it, I was speechless. It's such beautiful song. It's from his album Positive Songs for Negative People and honestly, it's exactly what I needed in my life. It's simple, upbeat and full of positivity. It reminds me of sunshine and since my friend recommended it to me, it's given me a different perspective on how he sees me. He didn't tell me why the song reminded him of me at first but when he did it was because of some of the lyrics - "I can see you hurting beneath your new red dress, beneath your new tattoos and sharp red shoes you are directionless" - were practically written about me. It was the deeper message too, the struggle to get to where you need to be. As Frank sings beautifully, "we can lift the weight of the world from your shoulders just for a moment or two." I've never identified with a song as much as this and I cannot thank my friend enough for this song recommendation because it's really made me think about myself.

Curious, Hayley Kiyoko
First of all, this song is so sexy. There's no denying it, this song, the rhythms, lyrics and video are incredibly sexy. That's not a weird thing to say about music, right? Like most people, I first heard about Hayley Kiyoko from her time on Dinsey channel. That's my childhood right there and since then, she's branched further into music and I love her so much for it. Her evolution is beautiful. She's grown up so much and her music is exactly what I and so many others needed. It's personal and a journey that so many people can share. It's like pure happiness and pride. She's been dubbed pop music's "lesbian Jesus" and the title is so accurate it hurts. She explores sexuality and sexual attraction just like any other artist but it seems so fresh because it's not the same old 'boy meets girl' story, instead, she's talking about girls liking girls. It's refreshing and honestly, I'll never get tired of it. Curious in particular is one of my favourite of her songs because it's so upbeat. She describes it as being a song about "self-respect and knowing when to walk away when somebody is playing games." It's such a colourful and catchy song that it's no doubt it captured my attention really. 

Devil Devil, MILCK
I first heard thing song on Lucifer and I had to pause the show, get my phone out and ask it to tell me what the song was because honestly, this song is stunning. It's perfect for Lucifer and the lyrics are just so damn perfect. I love songs with powerful, storytelling lyrics and this song has exactly that. It's incredibly dark and sexy. I've always had an attraction to songs with links to the devil and religion like Breaking Benjamin's Dance with the Devil, there's something incredibly seductive about it. This song is the perfect way to introduce such a talented individual, I know I'll be listening carefully to MILCK in the future. 

The Cure,  Lady Gaga
If you ever need proof that love can heal you, this is it. It's a slow, almost electronic track with (I just realised this listening to it right now) finger snaps at the start. It's a strong track about the healing effects of love and how in the dark times we all go through, we need to heal one another. Lady Gaga is a cure for so many of us with her music - "promise I'll always be there, promise I'll be the cure" - and we for her, by supporting her journey. This song is perfect. It's everything you never knew that you needed. I remember when I first listened to it, it was so different from some of her other music yet so fundamentally Gaga and part of the message that she advocates through her music. Honestly, there isn't a Lady Gaga song that I don't like. Her music is such a comfort to me.

Beautiful Trauma, P!nk
P!nk is one of those musicians that I've been listening to since I was a kid and I still love to this day. Her music is always exactly what I need in my life, whether it's the rebellious punk of her earlier music, the heartfelt cry of Who Knew or the love expressed in Beautiful Trauma, it always rises to the most played playlist. Her lyrics express something ungraspable - "the pill I keep taking, the nightmare I'm waking" - about love, the good and bad all mixed together and I will never stop listening to P!nk. She's an amazing singer and fantastic performer.

The Mountain, Three Days Grace
This is another band that I've been listening to for about six or seven years. I was first attracted to their older stuff and the newer stuff has been, not disappointing but different. When I heard that they'd released this new track, the mountain, I was intrigued. I gave it a listen and decided to come back to it on another day. Now, I listen to it at least four times per gym session. This is one of those dark, gritty pieces of rock music that are riddled with positivity though they seem quite negative. It's about climbing that mountain and reaching your goals even if you find yourself at the bottom again. It's a continuing struggle and the song is perfect when you're ready to give up on your cardio at the gym or feel beaten in general, it's very motivational.

This post was a lot harder to write than I thought it would be because it was quite difficult to put into words why I loved each track without repeating myself but I did enjoy the challenge. Please, let me know what you think of this post. I think I may make this a monthly or bi-monthly post so that you always know the tracks that I'm loving. As ever, thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read my posts. I really appreciate it.

Tiffani x


  1. You need to listen to more of Frank Turner in general !!


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