A Glimpse Into This Months Makeup Bag

Hello, again lovelies. As a makeup nerd, I couldn't resist putting together a little glimpse into this months makeup bag post for you with all these lovely new products. I've been wearing makeup on and off for twelve years now and my love for the stuff has only increased in recent years. I love trying out new products so when I hear that Superdrug has new things for me to try, you know I couldn't resist popping in and buying a few. Thes are some of the products I've been trying out. I've had some longer than others but I'll let you know my thoughts on all of them. 

My skin has taken a hit in recent months with the bad weather. Usually, I have unproblematic skin but since the beginning of winter, I've had some red patches and more than the occasional spot. While I've been trying out new skincare products, I've also been trying out new foundations to cover up the issues. I've been using the same brand for about five years now. My go-to foundation has always been: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in shades ..... and ..... Last year I tried out their Wake Me Up Foundation and I fell in love with it. It gives the skin such a beautiful glow that it's impossible to now love how it sits on the skin. Which brings me to the first product I want to talk about. 

Rimmel Last Finish 25 Hour Breathable Foundation
Shade: Ivory. 
Price: £8.99 

As a fan of Rimmel foundations, I knew that this was a must-have for me. I was pleasantly surprised to find a brush thingy (I can't for the life of me think of the word for this but I know that there is one) instead of the usual pump. This gives you more control over the amount of product that you use and also means you can apply it directly to the face. This foundation is good for day-to-day usage, it's medium coverage and buildable for those tricky areas of the face, like my red patches on the cheeks. It wears really nice and feels quite weightless. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Shade: Silky Beige 
Price: £3.99

I've used the translucent shade of this product before and, though I love it, I thought it was time to try something with some colour in it. It's perfect for setting foundation and I've been after something with a little more colour for a while. I shade tested it and this one is the perfect match for me so will be perfect for when I go out out and need a bit of extra coverage. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer
Shade: Light Ivory
Price: £6.49

I've heard good reviews about this concealer from a friend so thought I'd pick it up. As I've already mentioned, I'm a fan of Rimmels products - particularly those for the face - and you can never have too many concealers, they're lifesavers. I have their Wake Me Up Concealer but the coverage isn't the best. I enjoy the glow it gives to the skin and like to layer it with other concealers but alone, it's not much. The Match Perfection concealer has better coverage but the brush-like end is a tad annoying. It's hard to get the right amount of product without feeling as though you're wasting it. BUT I'm very excited to try this concealer. I used this the other night and the coverage is pretty good. It's a little lighter than I was expecting but nothing some blending out didn't fix. Also, I left it on a bit too long before I started blending it so it dried down a bit but that was my own fault for doing 4 things at the same time. 

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer 
Shades: C3 & C4
Price: £4.99

There was quite a buzz when Makeup Revolution brought out their £4 concealer - quickly dubbed as a dupe for Tarte's shape tape. I love this brand and well, I was sold pretty quickly but due to the popularity, it was sold out everywhere, online and instore. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I stumbled across a couple in store, I found the lightest shades in stock (C3 & C4) and picked them up. I knew that the C4 would be a little dark for me, closer to my foundation shade, but decided to try it too for those days where I don't want to highlight my face as much. I believe that these concealers live up to the hype. I just wish there was something with enough coverage to conceal my dark circles because so far, I haven't found anything. 

Barry M Meteor Storm Eyeshadow Palette 
Price: £9.99

Barry M isn't a bran that I've tried and tested often. I love their lipsticks and nail varnish but other than that and a small palette I was given a few years ago, I've never given them much attention. But I couldn't resist this small but colourful palette. The Meteor Storm palette is so spacey, there's something out of this world about it. Yeah, I went here. I was taken in by the colours, the shimmers are so multidimensional it does remind you of something from space. I'm particularly excited to try the yellow glitter shade, I might try to create a look with it tomorrow night.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid
Shades: Ruler, Lover & Poet
Price: £9.99

I've been obsessed with liquid lipsticks for some time now and after seeing a couple of adverts for this collection, I decided to have a look. I have to say this for first impressions: the names are absolutely amazing. I went for the shades ruler, lover and poet but there were some other fantastic names like philosopher and dreamer. I wanted them all purely based on the names but decided on three. It may seem like a lot but I was seriously resisting buying them all even if some were shades I've never worn in my life. I tried them all the moment I got home starting with poet. The coverage is nice and the colour vibrant but the thing that shocked me the most was how hard it was to get off my lips. I tried wiping it with a makeup wipe and micellar water but it didn't budge. A few flecks came off but other than that they stayed put. I used coconut oil which also did nothing and eventually scrubbed my lips with another makeup wipe until it all came off. So, these are totally an 100% recommended by me. If it takes that much effort to get them off I know that they'll be able to survive a night out with minimal touch-ups.

There are a few other items in the picture that I haven't mentioned. The revolution liquid highlight in shade 'ethereal' is a beautiful purple colour, this is a lovely product I'm just not a huge fan of it. It looks really nice beneath foundation but I don't like the look of it over the top. The eyeliner is well a bit rubbish really, the only redeeming factor is the star stamp. The nail varnish - raspberry sherbert - is really pretty but it chipped really quick just like all my nail varnish so that's kind of a flop for me too.

I'm not sure how I feel about this post. I found it quite difficult to write but I do love sharing all of my latest purchases with you because, as you know, makeup is something I love.

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read this post. Thank you.

Tiffani x


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