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If you're anything like me, you love nosing around people's bedrooms. At uni, whenever I went into somebodies bedroom I couldn't help but spend a good five minutes looking around and touching things, I've probably got a problem or something. Somebody commented on an Instagram post of mine before saying that they were intrigued and trying to get a sense of my bedroom, this was a while ago, so I thought that I'd do a little blog post and show you my bedroom.

I'm in love with my wallpaper, it's a mellitic pink that just shimmers in the light. My bedroom was technically finished at the beginning of the year, sans my new bed, but after my chest of drawers decided to die, it was time to do a little bit of a reshuffle. I chose two sets, to be safe, in Ikea and have spent the better part of my weekend sorting out all of my stuff. I also took a break to tidy and organise my little sister's wardrobe, it's been quite a productive weekend. This is what my bedroom looks like now including my very fragile and bright red laptop which I'm sure I named Irene upon purchasing. Also, my little camel handbag is on my bed. My bed is usually pristine but my little sister was rolling around in it earlier so it's all messy. There's also a Hedwig teddy on one of the posts and on the bedside table, two bottles of water - gotta keep hydrated. 

I want to take a moment to point out my beautiful wardrobe. Ignore the unpainted wood at the top. My grandad built me this wardrobe with the sliding mirror drawers because the gap wasn't big enough for a normal wardrobe and well, I really wanted big mirrors. It's fantastic. My grandad did a good job even if he broke my chandelier in the process. Also, notice how my cat is looking at me in the picture, she won't stop following me around and keeps walking all over the furniture making it dirty. I love her but she is a nuisance sometimes. 

It's nothing fancy, just a normal bedroom. Please, ignore the pile of clothes on the stool. I forgot to put them away. I really hate putting clothes away. These are the new chest of drawers that my grandad and sister built for me yesterday, thank you to them and Ikea for this lovely furniture. It's so beautiful and that deep drawer is perfect for winter clothes. The Christmas tree is also new and only out so I knew where it was going to go while I reorganised my entire room. These drawers are really tall like almost as tall as me and my cat has already taken to sleeping underneath them and on top of them, apparently, cats like to be high up. 

I have a few little knick-knacks on top of the drawers. The two jars at the back are both from Amazon and are so pretty, one has some bath bombs inside and the other two different coloured fairy lights. There are some new purchases as well, the bamboo in the thin glass vase, I got this at Ikea last weekend. Apparently, it's lucky bamboo, so let's see if my luck changes. The plant in front of it is an orchid - I forgot the name and was wracking my brain for about five minutes - that I found in Morrisons a few weeks ago, the flowers have fallen off but I'm determined to keep it alive and watch it flower again. 

I also found this beautiful little jar thingy in Ikea along with the potpourri. It's peach and orange scented, and as a lover of all things peachy, I couldn't not get it. The scent was strong even through the wrapper and the flower on top just looks stunning. I only used half of the packet in the jar so I have plenty left over to use later. The deepest drawer was perfect for my winter clothes, I filled it with jumpers, cardigans and scarfs and hats - I didn't realise how much scarfs I had until I started folding them up to put away. Next, I just have to show you my underwear drawer. It's so organised and pretty. I put my pants into sections according to comfort, thong and pretty alongside the matching sets of pants and bralettes. My bras are done according to colour order in a row. I don't know how long it's going to stay this organised, I'm probably going to ruin the whole thing in forty-eight hours.

The other set of drawers are in the same style but thinner. I needed extra storage that's for sure but now I have so much storage I don't know what to do with it. Unfortunately, my Sherlock calendar is a little bit too low so I have to put it up a bit higher or else I'll miss half my month. If you haven't noticed already, I like pretty things. I saw somebody on Pinterest using a cake stand for jewellery, makeup and perfume, so I decided to do the same. It's a bugger to dust but it looks so aesthetically pleasing that I can't regret buying it. The cake stand is also Ikea, it came with a dome top but I didn't need that so it's in the loft now. 

Tammy, my twin sister, made me this Sherlock picture the other year with these little postcards that she got, it's stunning. The frame broke last weekend so I need to replace it but it will be straight back up on the wall. I've dedicated one of these drawers, the deepest one to my Lush stuff. It made me realise I haven't got as much lush stuff as I used to. Sad face. I need to restock at some point. Also, I finally have a home for all my swimsuits/bikinis. 

This light was a replacement for my broken chandelier but it's so pretty, I almost want to thank my grandad for breaking the previous one. It's bright and when the sun hits it, rainbows appear.

To finish off, I think it's only fair that I mention the star of the show. This is my cat, Minnie. She's my baby. I don't know why but today, in particular, she won't leave me alone. She is fourteen years old (I'm pretty sure that's right) and my sunshine. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you didn't, oh well. Try again some other time. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read this post, I really appreciate it, really I do. 

Tiffani. x


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