Autumn is in the air

Guys, I don't know if you've noticed but IT'S AUTUMN. IT'S HERE. Finally, summer is over and autumn has arrived. The time for slippers and scarves is among us, I'm sure a great many of you have already had your first pumpkin spiced latte and are lighting delicious smelling candles as you sit down to read. Or, you could be bracing the newfound cold with loose jumpers and boots. I don't know what your favourite thing about Autumn is but mine is treading on all the acorns that have fallen onto the ground at the beginning of the changing of seasons. It's a guilty pleasure. My nan's house is under an oak tree so her driveway is littered with the little guys and I spend more time than one should admit treading on acorns on my journey to her front door. Now though, it's very hard to find a whole acorn to crush beneath my shoe, sigh. Anyway, autumn is here.

Autumn is not my favourite season, I'm not even sure that I have a favourite. I love all the seasons for different reasons. Autumn is a time of change. Change isn't a bad thing. I love watching the leaves change colours and plants die making way for a new batch in spring. The ground is wet and eventually, it starts to freeze. Is there any better way to wake up than to an icy garden? I even quite like wearing a jacket. It's the small things, right?

The cons of autumn are, for me, the darkness. There's nothing worse than waking up and it still being dark outside, it tricks your body into thinking it's still the middle of the night when you should be awake and ready for the day. It's even worse when it's cold outside. I don't have to tell you that climbing out of your warm bed is one of the worst feelings ever. Along with the dark mornings, it gets darker faster at night. I don't hate the dark but I do hate walking alone in the dark which is almost inevitable when it gets dark at like 5/6 o'clock in the evening. That's the only dark side, pun not intended, I don't like being alone in the dark - probably a topic for another day though. But I do love cold dark nights. I love coming out of the club at three in the morning and walking home with my friends wearing a dress and winter coat. It's these moment's I truly enjoy. I'd even go for walks or stargazing with the right person but alas, being alone in the cold makes me very paranoid. For the past three years I've lived in a small town with hardly any people and as soon as it got dark there would be nobody on the streets and it was quite terrifying. It also made the cathedral look like something from a gothic novel. 

I do love the temperature change. I love putting on a leather jacket with a scarf, it's probably one of my favourite outfit combinations but I'm also very lazy, I'll put on jeans and that's the end of it. I hardly ever wear skirts and dresses anymore so I'm going to try to be better this year. I'm quite a hot person, I'm not complimenting myself, I warm up very quickly and heat goes straight to my head. I suffer from bad headaches and migraines, so in this weather, I have to watch how I dress. If I wear a huge jumper and go inside to find the heating whacked up full, I will feel ill quite quickly. Yes, I like to wrap up warm and be warm but my head should be cold. We have quite a lot of arguments at this time of year in my house, my stepdad is very liberal with the heating and well, as a suffer from headaches, I can't sleep with the heating on or I'll be too hot. More often or not, at home, I'm wearing some sort of shorts and vest to battle the heat. Nothing annoys me more than people using the heating when they can put on a jumper instead. I'm not saying don't use the heating, just use it to warm the house up then turn it off, it doesn't need to be constant. 

My photography skills are sub-par but the other year I went on a lovely walk with my flatmates at the beginning of Autumn in Whittering, so I thought I'd include them for you. 

There are so many different reasons why autumn is the best or worst season but you cannot deny the beauty that the season brings. I think it's only fair that I finish with some rather badly edited pictures of Chichester Cathedral at night. Right from the pages of a Victorian gothic novel, right? 

Autun is a beautiful season full of colour and nature seems to be showing the last of its beauty before the cold sinks in and freezes the ground. It's a hard season but the first frosts are something to marvel at. I keep meaning to go for a walk and take some more autumn pictures before it's too late. As ever, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read this post. Maybe you could leave a little comment below with your favourite or least favourite things about autumn, I'd love to hear them. Maybe treat yourself to a hot chocolate 

Also, I'm planning to follow this up soon with some of my favourite autumnal things.

Tiffani. x 


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