Graduation outfit: New Look done did good

Outfit post alert: It's not often that a whole outfit comes together within the space of a few minutes on a shopping trip but this outfit, for my graduation did just that. I was in New Look with my Nan searching through the large amounts of sale items when my Nan demanded my attention next to a rack of skirts. When shopping with my Nan it's a bit hit or miss, she either picks up ten things I hate or one thing that I love. This time it was the latter, she had a skirt. It was the only one in the shop from what I could see and it was beautiful. Simple but elegant. The skirt, as pictured below, reaches just above the knee with two layers, the first later it black and above that is a black mesh layer embroidered with flowers and vines. Kudos to my Nan for finding this masterpiece. I knew it was just perfect for my graduation so I started rifling through the store in search of top to match the outfit. I found an array of items, none of which made my heart flutter until I found this strange crape like crop top with an open back that ties around the waist. Honestly, I knew that this would be perfect not only for graduation but for going out clubbing, so I tried the outfit on and it was a must buy. At home, I had the perfect shoes, unworn magenta velvet tie up shoes that were almost the exact shade of the flowers on the skirt. The outfit remained untouched until my Graduation, last Monday. I know this isn't the best picture but it was six in the morning and I just had to document this beautiful outfit.

As ever I want to thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read this post. 

Tiffani. x


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