Golden Wonder

I met my best friend in town the other day and he insisted on popping into Lush and buying me something, I refused but he started to pick up random items and threatened to buy them. So, I picked up something that I hadn't used before: the Golden Wonder bath bomb. I regret not taking a picture of it before I used it. The bath bomb was shaped like a gift and completely gold. If I had to describe the scent I'd say it smells like bubbles, like the kind you get at the top of a glass of buzz fizz. It was warm, orangey and tickled my nose in a good way. The next day, I decided to use it. The golden exterior made way for some beautiful colours, mainly greens and blues. 


This is the first item from the Christmas collection that I've used this year and one thing is for sure, I'd buy it all if I could. By now, you are all fully aware that I love Lush and their projects so I won't go on too much. I will say that Lush has some amazing projects and seasonal collections that are worth a try. Alongside this bath bomb, I restocked the tea tree water toner and even got a new one to try, eua roma water. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read this post.

Tiffani x


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