Happy Birthday Martin Freeman

This is two days late, silly me. Next year, I'll be on time I swear. So, without further ado, I want to wish Martin Freeman a very happy (belated) birthday. You wouldn't believe it but he is 46, YES, 46 years old. And what could I possibly have to say? Well, not a lot but bear with me.

Look at that beautiful face. He's so pretty but getting back on topic, Martin Freeman is a fantastic actor. His ability to portray multiple emotions within a single expression is breathtaking and his role as John Watson on Sherlock truly opened my eyes to him as, not only an actor but as one of the most expressive and real actors of our generation. He is a simple guy and will say it as it is and that's what I look for in a stan. He swears all the time and a picture of him on the set of a project holding his middle finger up to the world is a sign that the world is ok. I've just got totally distracted by the picture above. His eye is so beautiful. I know there is lighting and stuff but look at his eye. How beautiful? Imagine looking into his eyes in real life. 

*swoons slightly*

Martin Freeman's dress sense is just impeccable. Look at that suit. Those colours are stunning and well, the man knows how to dress. He is never without a swaggy outfit even if it's just him shopping or about town, he always looks amazing. It's crazy. How can somebody look so amazing all the time? His presence in films/TV shows and behind the scenes is just the most amazing addition to life. I love watching him in things. His cameo in Hot Fuzz is my favourite thing ever. The Worlds End, my favourite. A Martin Freeman comedy is the best. BUT his serious acting is just as good. IT'S BETTER. As a LOTRs fan, I had to see the Hobbit trilogy the moment they came out and I was not disappointed, one of my favourite actors in my favourite franchise, oh yes (and of course Benedict made an appearance too). His performance as Bilbo is mesmerising and heartbreaking. I have so much love and respect for him, it's unreal. 

I hope Martin had the best birthday and ate cake. The man deserves some cake. 

As ever thank you for visiting this blog and reading this very geeky fangirl post. 

Tiffani. x

P.S. Two blog posts in a day, I'm impressed with myself. 


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