Colorista ruined my hair

I was just sitting here sipping on a supposedly bubble gum or 'bubbleburst' flavoured energy drink which tastes, more accurately, like the numbing gel you're given at the dentists before an injection, and I thought to myself, what should I do today? Should I blog? If so, what about? Then it hit me. My hair. Not just my hair. The mess that I've gotten myself into using a particular hair dye. So, today, brace yourself for me bashing a widely known hair brand for ruining my hair.

A few weeks ago, Friday 4th August to be exact, I decided to add some colour into my hair so that I was extra bisexual for Pride. I looked around and bought, a few days previous, colorista semi-permanent dye. I purchased two shades: purple and Indigo, with the hopes of creating a little ombre moment at the ends of my hair. These dyes, according to the package, last for up to two weeks. So, on the Friday I did a little ombre in my hair with the purple higher up and the blue at the ends of my hair. It looked like this the next day at Pride.

I loved the overall effect. The colour made me feel extra ready for pride and at the end of the weekend, I was sure that the colours would start to fade and ultimately wash out. This is what my hair looked like the following Monday (pictured below) after one wash. There was some fading, mainly in the purple shade but the colours were still bright and at this point, I still loved having them in my hair.

(I took these pictures later on that week)

The next weekend, I was invited to a hot tub party. My hair, at this point, looked exactly the same as the pictures above. There was next to no fading. The colours were vibrant and I still enjoyed them, I wasn't even worried at this point because the information told me two weeks. That night, after the consumption of far too much alcohol, I spent about seven hours in a hot tub. I'd been under the water a few times (mostly slipping, sometimes swimming - yes, that's how drunk I was). I didn't notice any change to my hair until the morning. The colour had faded quite a bit. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures because I didn't have my phone with me for the majority of the day and following morning, I was not in the right state for pictures. That was fine. I continued to wait patiently for the dye to fade naturally. 

The next weekend, my hair looked like this (see above). The colour had almost completely gone except for a gross faded blue at the ends. These pictures were taken on the same day, I just curled my hair later on. So, they had faded as promised but the dyes were still in my hair which they were not supposed to be. At this point, I was beyond annoyed. A semi-permanent dye that was only supposed to last two weeks was staining my hair. It wasn't even a nice colour but a greeny-blue that just wouldn't come out. I decided to message my hairdresser, she recommended washing up liquid to help strip the colour - this is a trick I've used before. If you've ever had to wash your hair with washing up liquid, you know that it's a disgusting method which makes your hair feel, well, gross. This did, well nothing really. The bath water looked slightly blue, so I'm assuming some colour did, in fact, come out but when looking at my hair, there was next to no change.

Last weekend, my hair looked like this. The colour is completely faded but STILL IN MY HAIR!! AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!! It's safe to say, at this point, I was pretty ticked off. I had already considered dying my hair a dark colour, anything to cover up this hot mess. BUT I like my hair blonde and really don't want to cover it. Bleach won't get rid of the colour, so another dead end really. I decided not to rush into anything and just try leaving it a little bit longer. I met a girl in the toilets at a bar and she suggested I try head and shoulders shampoo. I bought some and tried it once, no change. 

I took these pictures on Saturday (over a month after dying it) and as you can see, my hair is well and truly stained. I'm going to keep using the head and shoulders but I have resigned myself to failure. My hair and my spirits will be blue until I get it back to normal. Honestly, my friends like it. They don't notice that it's stained, they think I did it like that, so that's something at least, I guess. But for me, it's a reminder that doing your hair yourself can end badly - I should have learnt this like six years ago but oh well. My hopes are, that in the foreseeable future, I can lighten my hair slightly and dye it a pastel pink colour. I'm not sure when I'll do this because I want it blonde for graduation (November) hopefully without the annoyingly stained blue ends. 

So, in summary. If you're thinking of buying L'oreal colorista semi-permanent hair colour, DON'T!! You could probably get away with any colour but steer clear of the blue, it stains your hair and you do not want to be (over a month later) stuck with this in your hair. Also, I would like to thank Irene (this is her Instagram - she's a queen) who took a lot of time to warn me about her own experience with colorista. She had similar issues to mine and because of her warning, I used a lot less of the blue than I was going to. Unfortunately, my hair still sucks but her advice stopped me from dying like my entire head. So, thank you. I wish I bought the pink now.

Please, let this be a lesson. Don't buy colorista.

As ever, thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read this post. I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.

Tiffani. x


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