New hair

Autumn is the start of something new for me, a new hair colour. I've dyed my hair. For the past year or so, I've been blonde, dark and light, but blonde and I love my blonde hair. But now, with mouldy looking blue stains at the end of my hair, there was only one way out. I had to dye my hair. It was supposed to be light brown but turned out a little darker than I expected. I don't hate it. It's just a huge adjustment after being blonde for so long. Honestly, it makes me look a little paler than usual but the colour is super glossy and I love the definition of colour. 

I used L'oreal Preference in shade 5.3 Virginia which is a chestnut brown. This product is thinner than my usual hair dye because the colour you add is a liquid, almost like an oil and honestly, I almost ran out. My hair is pretty darn thick, so if your hair is long, you'd probably need two. I left it on for twenty minutes, washed it out - it didn't take that long to rinse the colour out completely - and used the conditioner provided. It smelt amazing and my hair still smells like it now. I've now noticed a few patches where the dye hasn't taken completely, a little bit of blonde has come through. I doubt this is anything to do with the dye or how I used it, my hair was pretty multi-tonal, to begin with. I'm just happy to have the blue gone from my hair. 

Will I go back blonde? For sure, soonish I hope but for now, this is me. I would like something blonde but with a natural root because I hate when the roots grow back and my natural colour isn't really an option because it's such a dull colour. I'm going to live with this dark hair. I'm ready for the autumn, are you? 

Thank you for reading this post and visiting my blog. 

Tiffani. x


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