Out with the old in with the new

On Monday, my graduation letter came through confirming my tickets to the ceremony and it got me thinking, there are hundreds of students every year leaving university, thrown into the big bag world. But there are also freshers, people at the beginning of their university journey ready to explore the world in this new and exciting adventure. So, I thought I'd do a little University advice post, nothing specific, just some general advice for uni.

Make your room your own. 

  • My room looks really plain but I didn't mind. You shouldn't be afraid to make your room your own, make is homey with pillows and blankets, cuddly toys and photographs. You can't really see my pinboard but I had a few pictures on it alongside lists and information I'd written out for myself, I also put my keys on my pinboard so I'd never lose them (this might also work for you). An air fresher is a must, if you use the same one that you have at home, it will be a welcoming fragrance. I used an airwick diffuser, the scent was Lake District. It was subtle but fresh. After a while, I bought a cheaper one from Iceland which was Raspberry flavoured and my room smelt like Jelly Tots for months. Your friends also get used to the scent of your room. I miss this room so much. 
  • Right, get to know your uni. I mean, make sure you know where you're going and how to get around. There's nothing worse than being dropped off at your halls of residence and having to find your way to the university yourself. My university kindly took all students there on our first day, showing us the way to the university before leading us back. If they give you a map, use it, there's nothing worse than getting lost. 
  • Remeber that you're all in the same boat. You're scared, so are your flatmates, use that to bond with them and be open-minded. I lived in a seven-person flat in halls of residence with people I probably would never have met in any other circumstance, they were all on vastly different courses to me. BUT they became my best friends and more than that, my family. Within a few weeks I was comfortable around them all and had my door open at all times (except at night) so they could wander in whenever. So, get yourself acquainted with the people around you. Bonus: make friends with more people in your halls of residence and your prinks are sorted forever. 
  • Go out on the first night. You'll meet so many people. On my first night out I had so many people give me their number or add me on facebook while on the dancefloor, I even helped a girl out in the toilets by holding the door for her (the lock was broken) and made a new friend. It's crazy but it happens. 
  • Budget plan. Yes, it's hard and boring but I think we can all agree, money for alcohol is better than just sitting around while everybody is out. You need to plan everything when your student finance comes in and rent comes out, what you need for food and activities. It's important and will save you so much hassle in the future. In my first year, after my rent came out, I was left with something like £24 which is unlivable obviously. It had to last me for months until my next installment from student finance. Luckily, I had family that supported me and bought me food shops whenever they came down. Also, after Christmas, I got a bursary from the university. So, check to see what you're eligible for.  
  • If you want to make friends, join a society or team. Honestly, the people I know on sports teams know everybody, if in doubt, do it. 
  • This is probably the most obvious, but plan out your time around lectures to do the work because your lecturers, though sometimes strict, will not chase you all the time. It's not their problem if you fail, they're still getting your money, you're just spending £40,000 to waste your chance. Sorry, but it's true. Also, remember that the lecturers are there to help you and if you reach out, they will do everything they can to help you. Honestly, don't be nervous, they get it all the time. Have as many tutorials as you can, be that annoying person if it helps you. At the beginning of my third year, I emailed my lecturer five times before we'd even had our first lecture. 
  • Hand in your assignments on time. You lose marks if you don't
  • Enjoy your first year while you can, it's the only one that doesn't contribute to your final grade. So, yes, try hard but don't take it too seriously or you'll regret it. 
  • If they want you to buy expensive books, try and find them cheaper but don't always rely on the library because everybody will be doing that.
  • Nearer exam times, the library can be chaotic, so book computers and spaces and if people are being loud and disrespectful, you can tell somebody. 

I think that's about it. I know it's all fairly obvious but it's also easy to forget. 
It's a scary and stressful time for everybody. 

Graduation is also a scary time. I can't wait to post about it. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and read this post, I really appreciate it. 

Thank you. x


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