I think you already know how much I love Lush, yes? Don't worry about answering, it's a trick question. I LOVE LUSH! 

So, my sister and I went into town the other day and you know, we just had to pop into Lush. I'd set myself an allowance for the day because I'm poor and I couldn't afford to spend all the money I would no doubt end up spending if I allowed myself free reign. 

Firstly, I just had to buy this bath bomb.

It's a beautiful citrusy scent in the shape of .... you guessed it, a rocket ship. 

I'd seen this particular bath bomb all over Instagram and the Lush website. I decided that it was about time that I buy it, so I did just that. I got one for me and for my little sister, for the beautiful price of £2.95. Yes, a very pretty and fairly priced bath bomb. 

If the colour and scent are anything to go by I'm going to love this little fella. 

I have high expectations for this little fella. From what I've seen already, the bath bomb is a fantastic mixture of blue, pink and yellow fizz which Lush claims you'll love "to the moon and back" and I'm sure I will. I already love the refreshing scent of lemon and bergamot oil. 

I also purchased something I'd been wanting to for ages, a SCRUBEE!!!!


I haven't taken any pictures of him yet because I'm waiting until the weekend to use him but I'm so excited. He's a beautiful bee shaped exfoliator that also moisturises your skin, slathered in shea butter, I'm in love with the scent and aching to use this. When I do, I will follow up this post with a review.

As ever, thank you for visiting my blog and listening to my ramblings. 
I'll try to be more interesting next time. 

I'll talk to you all later.

Thank you. x


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