Get to know me with my twin sister, Tammy.

My twitter feed was full of people updating and talking about their blogs the other day and I couldn't help but smile. It's a beautiful time to be alive, everybody is blogging. There are so many interesting people with interesting blog posts. So, yesterday, one of my favourite blogs Raindrops on Roses (A.K.A. the beautiful and creative Meg) uploaded a Q&A blog post, something that's been circulating for a while and I thought, 'Hey, I could do that.' So, that's what I did but with a twist. I decided to do a Q&A with my twin sister, Tammy. So, this is a kinda Q&A with a comparison so you can get to know me and my sister a little better.  
          1. If you could spend one day in somebody else's shoes, who would it be and why? 
Tiffani: I think maybe Emma Watson. She's just such an amazing person, inspirational, I think her life would be a very interesting one to lead for a day, yes, I think I'd learn quite a lot. I'd also be very interested in her book collection. 
Tammy: The automatic response is to say somebody famous but I don’t want to be somebody famous. Like, you’d say, I want to be Lady Gaga. I don’t want to be Lady Gaga, or do I? No, I don’t. I think I’d like to be somebody with an important job or something, it’s difficult to pinpoint one person. I automatically want to say Angelina Jolie but I don’t think I want to be to a mum to all her kids. Maybe an actor, I’ve always wondered about the whole filming process, so somebody in that field I suppose. Gale Gabbot. Wonderwoman seemed like an amazing set and an amazing experience.

2. If you were going to bury a time capsule, what would you put in it?
Tammy: Pictures or post cards or some news articles from around the time, general stuff so they could see the history and culture. Maybe some CDs, not that people really use them anymore, people might but I don’t. So, when they open it they’re like ‘who the f*** is this?’
Tiffani: A unicorn horn or something, how funny would it be if they just opened it up and thought it was part of a real creature? That would be so cool. 

3. What was your favourite childhood toy? 
Tiffani: I'm not really sure. I remember having a karaoke machine which was pretty cool, I guess, I loved those kinds of things. Singstar was always a crowd pleaser growing up,
Tammy: Game Boy advance because it was the first video game I had, I’d never had one before and I only had like the one game but it was completely different and I didn’t have one before.

4. Describe yourself in three words.
Tammy: Humorous (here I accidently typed hummus), chilled and kinda adventurous – like I love adventures and stuff but I also love to be lazy sometimes, so kinda half-adventurous.
Tiffani: Caring. Realistic. Passionate. 

5. If your life was a novel, what would the title be?
Tiffani: This is a really hard question, I take naming things so seriously. As a writer, I agonise over the perfect name for a story or character, I'm big on meanings and stuff, so naming things is really hard for me. I recently wrote a story and called in 'Honey and Rain' and I liked the simplicity of it, it described major parts of the story. I think I'd like it to be something similar, but personal to me. Maybe something like The Gemini Sky. 
Tammy: Just an ordinary story, no I’m joking, I’m trying to think of something better. It’s hard because life can be so boring but I think something like, Just Around the Corner, no, I don’t like that, wait. Halfway up the stairs because I’m kinda halfway through my journey, that sounds crap, I think A Way Down the Street. I think that sounds boring, my life is quite boring. I should have said that first, which was my first idea. So, A Way Down the Street.

6. If you could be any Disney character, who would you be? 
TammySo many good things to choose from, animals, humans and toys alike. My immediate reaction is to say villain but a good percentage of them die. I like villains because they’re often associated with the colour green and I love green. Probably Maleficent because she’s awesome, she’s one of the only ones with real power, like the magic and stuff behind 
Tiffani: I'd like to think of myself as a Rapunzel. I don't know if that's accurate but I think her sense of adventure and courage is something I'd like to have.

7. If you could change your name, what would it be? 
Tiffani: Well, as I've mentioned. I love names and the meaning behind them, so, I don't know if I'd ever really be able to change my name but maybe something old like Clarissa or Cassandra. Or Octavia, I love that name.
Tammy: Trojan. I really like the name Trojan, I don’t know if I’d associate it with myself but I really like it as a name, or something like Taylor. It’s a bit more normal than Trojan.

8. What's your favourite drink to order when you go out for prinks?
Tammy: Disarannno and lemonade. It’s usually cheap and doesn’t taste of alcohol, I don’t really like to drink a vodka and coke because all you can taste is the vodka and I don’t like that. If we were talking cocktails, I would say purple rain.
Tiffani: I am a sucker for anything sweet or nice tasting. Archers is my drink of choice, it's such a refreshing drink. If we were ordering cocktails, pornstar martini. 

9. Are you a morning or night person?
Tiffani: Morning. There's no doubt about it, I hate to wake up late and realise that I've wasted the day. I can get more done if I'm up earlier. I mean, I don't at the moment, I'm so lazy. I do like to stay up but only if there's a reason, like a really good TV show or because I'm with my friends. I like a bit of both but I prefer to be awake in the morning, bright and early. The birds singing and all that. There's nothing like a sunny morning. 
Tammy: Night. That’s probably why I’m not a morning person because I’m so tired from all my night activity but I think I’m more productive later in the day.

10. Favourite season?
Tammy: Autumn. I love the colours and the temperature, it’s not too hot or cold. You don’ have to wear your massive coat but also you don’t have to wear your bikini. I actually think autumn doesn’t last long enough, its summer, the autumn but it’s winter too quick and it really stretches now.
TiffaniI love spring and summer. I like not having to be wrapped up, I get hot very quickly so I don't like to be stuck in layers of clothes. I like the sun, it doesn't have to be hot, I just love the sun shining. I think the spring is beautiful. When it's nice enough to sit outside. 

11. Favourite outfit?
Tiffani: I experiment with so many different styles so this is really hard, I like jeans and a top and dressing up in dresses and heels, I'm both ends of the spectrum. Anything light pink is a winner for me, I love the colour so much. Maybe something like a pink camisole. I have a pink silk camisole that I love but I have a habit of wearing black, it's like my default colour. I think something like a lace bodysuit with a loose top or jumper over the top and jeans would be an ideal outfit for me, it would make me feel nice as well as look good. 
Tammy: I have a purple checked shirt with a hood on, I do love wearing it. It’s thinner than my usual shirts and looks good with jeans and a top underneath. I do like it when it’s warmer and you can just wear jeans and a top without a jacket or jumper, and maybe some sunglasses.

12. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Tammy: I would say Egypt but things are a bit up in the air in Egypt in recent years, I don’t know if I’d find it safe there but maybe Greece, I like Greek history and would like to explore it more, I’ve only been to one place in Greece when I was a kid, so I think that would be the place.
Tiffani: I really want to go to Ireland, it seems magical. But there are so many places. I love Italy, I've been to a few placed but I'd love to explore further, it's such a beautiful culture. 

13. Favourite flowers? 
Tiffani: I'm an absolute sucker for flowers. I love them, I love anything pretty. I'm especially taken by white and pink bouquets. My sister brought me some dark pink roses earlier this year that were decorated with glitter, they were so beautiful. If anybody brought me roses, I would be a very happy girl indeed. 
Tammy: Difficult question, I love me a tulip. I think they really represent spring and Easter. I love wild flowers, I’ve seen some bouquets and they’re beautiful.  

14. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Tiffani: I'd want to know things, be smarter or more able to learn if that makes sense? My super power would be an eidetic memory or something. 
Tammy: Can I have the power to steal other people’s powers, in non-mudery Silas from Heroes way? No, then maybe, to fly, why not?

15. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, which five people would it be?
Tammy: Queen Elizabeth the First. Charles Dickens. I sorta want to say somebody from ancient Greece but I can't think of anybody, Zeus, but he's not really a person. Plato. Boadicea. David Bowie. 
Tiffani: Arthur Conan Doyle. William Shakespeare. Nefertari. Emily Bronte. Anne Boleyn. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will be back very soon with a PRIDE POST. Yes, another pride post, just like my first ever post because this weekend is pride. Once again, thank you for reading this post and for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it. x 


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