We'll have a real lush time

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you know that I’m a self-confessed Lush addict. If I have money (which I usually don’t) I’m guaranteed to buy Lush products with it, I really can’t control myself. I scour the website in search of new and exciting products, especially the kitchen menus which regularly change and offer new (and sometimes old) products for a short amount of time. I just really love Lush guys.

I first went in Lush sometime before Christmas and when I say first I mean, the first time I stepped in Lush as an adult with money. I’d been going on about wanting to get some bath bombs, not having used any for some years, and my sister promised to get me a couple. So, we go in and the instant wave of fragrance invades my senses. I’m overwhelmed and I’ve never felt more out of place. I had no idea what to do, so we went over to the bath bombs and I begin looking. There’s so many I don’t know what to choose but a lovely girl working there suggest that I pick them up and smell them to see what I prefer. This is some of the best advice I’ve heard because nobody wants a bad smelling bath bomb, do they?

I start picking up and smelling the bath bombs. I’m still pretty focused on look as well, there’s nothing better than a pink glittery bath bomb or one that’s four colours all mixed together. I pick three, not wanting to exploit my sister’s generosity and we buy them.

My first Lush bath bombs. (Shoot for the stars, intergalactic
 and Northern Lights)

The next day, it's bath time and I’m super excited to try one out. I’ve already stared at them all for a good five minutes and taken some pictures to put on Instagram. The one I picked to use first was the Northern Lights bath bomb, a kind of cylinder shaped purple bath bomb with blue and yellow in the middle. Below are some pictures I took: 

The Northern Lights in action.  

I was so captivated with the beautiful colours and GLITTER that came out of the little bath bomb, I was hooked. I used my other two bath bombs very quickly. 

Intergalactic bath bomb: 

 Shoot for the Stars bath bomb: 

I knew I needed more. So began more trips to Lush and very expensive orders that I awaited by staring out of the window whenever I heard a car. Yes, classic obsessive behaviour, I know.

Like I said, I am obsessed with lush. But through this love for Lush I’ve discovered some products that I just can’t live without. The Comforter shower cream. The tag line is ‘snug berry hug’ and honestly, the scent is like being wrapped in the comfort of blackcurrants, bergamot and almond. It’s a sweet uplifting scent that I can’t help but love. It’s fruity and delicious and delectably pink. It’s like Lush is giving me with a hug with this shower cream.

This is the last Lush haul I did some time in May.

I originally bought a 200ml bottle in store with some other goodies and after using it a few time realised I needed more. So, with my latest Lush order, I got the biggest ones they offer and it was well, quite big. Size really does matter and this massive bottle with last me so long. I haven’t even finished the original bottle. It really lasts. The product goes a long way in terms of usage and I use it for all sorts of things, to wash, as a bubble bath (it’s not really that bubbly but it makes the bath smell amazing and go pink) and in Lush cocktails. For the less Lush obsessed, a cocktail is a mixture of bubble bars, fun bars, bath creams and shower jellies, usually used before the bath bomb. You can pretty much find videos of people’s creations on any Lushies Instagram page. So, I 10/10 recommend the Comforter.

I won’t go through every lush purchase I’ve ever made but I’ve brought a lot in the past and also, I’ve brought some stuff for my little sister - she saw me use my first bath bomb and was just as obsessed as I was. Yes, I’ve trained her well. I buy her the smaller and cheaper bath bombs, not because I’m stingy but because it means I can get her more and she only stays in the bath for like two minutes unless she’s swimming so, it’s just a bit of a waste if I brought her a more expensive bath bomb. I got her some cute little blue robot ones a few weeks ago because they were only a few quid. She enjoyed them very much. I even got her a cute jar just like mine, she’s basically a miniature version of me.

As a bee lover, I had to get myself some honey inspired products. So, I purchased the Honey I washed the Kids soap which is just beautiful. The natural smell of honey and the appearance of honeycomb on the top made the soap made this a perfect purchase. I love it. I also brought an It’s Raining Men shower gel from Depop. I wanted a small one (100ml) to try out and it smells amazing, deep and rich and infused with all the beautiful scent of honey. I also got a 100ml Beautiful, a shower gel that is no longer sold on Lush, from Depop also and I’m so upset that it’s no longer sold because it’s so beautiful (no pun intended). It smells like peach and apricot and has glitter floating around inside the thick amber coloured formula.

Sorry to go off, back on topic: honey. I tried and failed to find a honey gift box. I didn’t find one until I visited my friend Alex and we went on a shopping trip to Bluewater. The Lush there had the honey gift box so I immediately picked it up, along with some other bits, and it contained: It’s Raining Men shower gel, Honey I Washed the Kids soap, a Honey Bee bath bomb and a Soft Coeur massage Bar. It’s safe to say I was in love with this gift. The white and gold wrap that the box came in was the perfect packaging and I would 10/10 recommend this to people that like honey. After visiting the Lush website, which I do avidly, I’ve noticed that they’ve changed the packaging of this gift set to a lovely light pink box with a gold bee on it (yes, it’s beautiful, I’m shooketh) and two of the items have been swapped for the honey lip scrub (one of my all-time favourites) and the Scrubee – a beautiful bee shaped body butter with honey and coco butter that’s perfect for gentle exfoliation. I haven’t been able to buy this yet and I want to try it so bad, I’ve only seen good reviews.

There are so many different products sold at Lush and I’ve yet to explore many of them but this is an expensive journey that I’m really excited to continue on. This is turning into some kind of essay. I’m going to stop now. Thank you for reading and for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it. Come back soon. I promise I won’t go on about Lush until I find another amazing product. Thank you. x

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