Doctor Who? Thirteenth time lucky

If you're like me, this Sunday you were eagerly awaiting the announcement of the 13th Doctor Who after the Wimbledon finale. Though you probably managed it with more grace than me and my sister, who raced to the TV the moment the screen switched from Wimbledon to a forest, dodging all the members of our family that lingered in our way - we were at a family party. Did we shout at the TV? Yes, yes we did. We screamed because it was hard to tell but, of course, we realised, THE NEW DOCTOR WHO IS A WOMAN and not any woman, the 13th Doctor is Jodie Whittaker.

The beautiful Jodie Whittaker in a still from the new Doctor Who trailer.
(Source: Twitter)
Firstly, I think it's only right that we talk about gender. DOCTOR WHO IS A WOMAN. We have our first female doctor which is if you ask me, long overdue. So, it's only right that we say congratulations to Jodie and thank you for the new dawn of Doctor Who with the female character as the hero and not just the companion. It's amazing, simply amazing. 

We are in safe hands.

And I know there are lots of questions about the new choice and for legitimate reasons, CHANGE. The big nasty six letter word we all fear. I've had my own doubts in the past about new Doctors when David Tennant left and when Matt Smith left but not this time. I have no reservations about Jodie whatsoever, past that, I have no idea what she'll actually be like as the Doctor and I'll just have to wait and see like everybody else. But her gender is no reason to be concerned. The show has already addressed similar issues about gender and sexuality in the latest series. 
(As you can see in the below images)

Source: Twitter. 

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Jodie herself has addressed the issue. 
(Source: Twitter)
There have been floods of encouragement from the cast of Doctor Who that has been heartwarming and along with that, some beautiful comments from people on twitter. But, of course, there are those that doubt the sanctity of the show without a man as the lead.

Source: Twitter.
Yes, within hours of the announcement somebody created a hate account, to save Doctor Who, as though it actually needs saving. This is misogyny at it's finest and it's disgusting. Some are worse than others and I don't want to go into that, you can imagine the comments yourself or even check twitter if you want to be thoroughly depressed about the society we live in. But one I will mention is a man claiming that not having a male doctor will affect his kids because there are no other male role models like him (mainly because he doesn't use guns) and frankly, I was shocked. This man had the audacity to question the issue of role models but not even consider that there are girls growing up thinking they can only be the companion and not the Doctor. It's important that all kids have role models to look up to in reality and fiction. Women can be heroes too. 

Exhibit A: 
Source: Twitter
I think it's safe to say, in a world where little girls can grow up watching Doctor Who, Wonderwoman and Star Wars, with female leads as the heroes, the future is looking a tiny bit brighter. 

So, once again, congratulations Jodie Whittaker. I can't wait to see what you bring to the role.

Both images are from twitter.  

So, here's my thoughts without dwelling too much on the bad. I hope you've enjoyed this post. I know I've enjoyed writing it, thank you for visiting my blog. 

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