Shoutout to my creative writing tutor who said this poem didn't really make sense and gave me lots of changes to make. This poem is a joke, a bit of fun that I did between assignments. I hope you enjoy it.


There is never anything worse in life,
Then that sickening crunch –
Like cutting carrots with a knife,
It feels like a powerful punch
And fills you with such strife,
You were only on your way to brunch,
And now you’ve murdered somebodies wife,
You lift your foot, it’s just a hunch –

And confirmed, you come over rather pale
Body feeling rather frail,
You hit your thumb instead of the nail,

You’ve only gone and trodden on a snail. 

This is the worst feeling ever, right? I know I hate it and now I do everything I can to avoid to snails after it's rained. I hope you liked this poem. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post, I really appreciate it. Thank you. x

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