This post is dedicated to my uncle who would have been 40 today. 
You are loved and missed each day. I wish I had the chance to know you. 


You see, I only remember the memory of you,
not the person behind the picture on the mantle,
or the man behind the name.

You're a story to me, a fantasy
 that soars through the clouds with each second the 
sun shines, you're a spitfire racing along the horizon, 
you're a dragon that guards his treasures in a castle
cursed by a jealous wizard many centuries ago. 

 At night you're a constellation, 
the first I recognised and claimed as yours, 
Cassiopeia, Queen of the northern sky and you 
are the king that guides me through my dreams 
of mountains and lakes and running wolves.

You're the first flight of the 
morning that leaves its trail across the golden 
sunrise while I sleep soundly below, used to
the sounds of your engines overhead as you 
hurry on the path that leads you away from us.

You see, you're the uncle I never really knew,
but you knew me before I even knew myself. 

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read this. I wrote the poem when I decided to do this blog post, I know it's far from perfect but I need to write something to remember him. See you on the next post. x

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