A Unicorn Exploded

A unicorn exploded. Cool name, right? Well, this is about a metaphorical unicorn exploding, not a real one sickos. Or, more specifically, a blog post dedicated to birthday celebrations, mine and my sisters. 

On Wednesday 7th June 2017, my twin sister and I turned 22. A ripe age. The age when your body decides to die and your hangovers last days and days and days. Afterall, the teenage years are long gone (well it feels like it) and 21, the only other age worth celebrating, is sadly behind us. Instead, we listen to Taylor Swift's 22 on repeat and dance around because we can still kinda pass as children, right? Trick question, we don't have to an adult just yet. And of course, the celebrations wouldn't be complete without requesting it in the club and dancing to it with all your friends. It's a good time to be alive.

So, it's Wednesday and I wake up and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! So, I brush my teeth, wash my face and put on my tiara. Then, I go to wake up my little sister (she's given me permission to do this beforehand, I'm not a monster). I have to carry her down the stairs and she is heavy, she must be 2/3 of my weight, so we struggle down the stairs and there it is, my little bag of presents with the purple holographic star balloon my mum brought in town the day before. Next to it, my twin sister's box of presents with a matching blue balloon. My mum is awake, so I can open my presents and my mum has brought me all the things on my list (except like two which were sold out) and she apologises because it's all makeup which is exactly what I asked for.

Spoiler alert: I love makeup. 

When I'm finished, we have breakfast, my mum leaves for work and my little sister for school and then, I'm alone. Time to breathe and be sad that I'm alone. I have a bath and get dressed. Then, I go to see my twin sister. My presents are in a silver bag with a giant blue holographic ribbon on it. I open my presents and get covered in iridescent heart confetti. I get a good selection of gifts: a doctor strange t-shirt, a unicorn scarf, a bodysuit, lipstick and more stuff which I can't remember (I'm really tired). She opens her presents and we go to town. 

Then, we go to see Wonderwoman.!!


It's amazing!!! Beyond words!!!

We got ready and then went for dinner.

Being the biggest child on the earth, we went to the Smith and Weston and it was amazing. I just love the feel of the restaurant. On arrival, we were given free birthday hats of the black glittery variety and I can't lie, I was so happy. I couldn't stop smiling. We ordered some food and everybody got burgers, except me, I ordered ribs. Then, we brought my little sister a hat because she wanted one too and it's the Smith and Weston, so you have to, right? 

Ignore the cheesy smile, but here are some pictures from dinner. The first one is an obligatory it's my birthday, I've got a hat picture and the second, is me and my grandparents.

My ribs were absolutely amazing and after, our belly buster arrived. For those of you that don't know, a belly buster is a huge ice cream sundae which is vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, m&ms, and marshmallows. When they bring out the belly buster, they start ringing a large triangle and singing, really loudly and the ice cream has a huge sparkler in it. So yes, we awkwardly listened as they sung us happy birthday, waited for the sparkler to die out and then Tammy started eating it because I don't actually like chocolate that much, and I really hate chocolate sauce/ice cream. So she started eating it, helped by my grandad and my step-dad and my nan suggested that we get some cocktails instead. So, we ordered a Dennis the Menace (Malibu, Archers, pineapple and cranberry juice) and a Buckaroo Berry (cherry brandy, raspberry vodka, raspberry bols and lemonade). They were lovely. Dennis the Menace was particularly good but I love Archers and Malibu, so I'm biased, I guess. 

(I forgot to save the picture I took of both, I'm such
and idiot, but this is the Dennis the Menace.)

The whole night was amazing and for those that haven't been to a Smith and Weston, go now. Seriously, it's so authentically western. It's like walking into an old western movie and I love it so much. It was the best way to finish a birthday. 

 The picture above is me and my twin sister, Tammy. I'm the one posing. We had to take some pictures and even have a selfie competition to see who could come up with the best picture in the restaurant with all the props. Then, it was home time and I just chilled and went to bed, boring. 

That's the end of the story or it would be but we haven't even talked about unicorns yet. It should be a crime to mention unicorns and not talk about them until now. I hate myself. So, on Saturday we had a party. It was unicorn themed. So yes, here's the unicorn. It was beautiful. Tammy made some large unicorn pictures which she painted herself (I don't have any pictures) but they were so nice and we placed them around the house and garden along with some iridescent bunting and an 'I love unicorn' sign. It started at 2 pm and after a rushed hour of trying to do makeup for me, Tammy and my little sister, we were ready. 

I can honestly say, I've never felt as beautiful as I do when I have glitter on my face or body. I was ready to party and made myself a cocktail in my unicorn cup. Not long after, one of my university friends arrived and another one called to say she was here, we walked to meet her and took their stuff to my house before returning to the party. It was a beautiful day, sunny with a nice breeze, sunburn weather and yes, I did catch the sun a little. We chilled in the sunshine with some food and pimms. Then, a birthday tradition, we went over to the field and played some football. Well, I sat down and watched because I was wearing flip flops. Twenty minutes later, we went back and I cut the cake which was AMAZING!

We smashed our unicorn pinata and went home to get ready for our night out. We were supposed to be at the pub for prinks by 8 pm but there was no way I would be ready on time, and we all knew it. We got ready, me and my friends, four girls in one room, yes, it was a little hectic. 

In the above pictures is (right to left) me, Emsal, Shauna and Alex. My best friends who came from university to celebrate with me, I love them so much. 

My friends had somehow managed to get a decent table at the pub, usually we're crowded into a table for four people with like fifteen of us sat on top of one another. Many drinks were bought, none by me and prinks were off to a great start. We stayed for two hours and consumed many drinks, then headed off to the club where we lost half the group, somehow found them again and then went in. A friend paid for my entry and we somehow managed to get drinks quickly, then we danced. There was so much dancing and honestly, sweating. It was hot. I lost count of the amount of drinks that were spilt over me. I slipped over an ice cube but luckily, my friend Sam caught me before I touched the sticky, gross dancefloor. 

I lost many people and found others. Then we went upstairs where they play classic music and chilled there for most of the night. Cue embarassing drunk pictures. 

Alex, Me and Jess.

Alex, me and Damon.

Alex and Me.

I told you, embarrassing. I really can't take a decent picture without seeing myself, a.k.a the selfie. So yes, horrible pictures aside, I had a really good night with all my closest friends. We left a few minutes before closing and my feet were only just starting to hurt, result, and got some food from the local kebab shop before walking home. Here we lost a man and don't quite know how and embarked on the walk, three girls and their food. I abandoned my shoes which, I know, is pretty gross but I didn't want to risk tripping over with a kebab in my hand, I was not playing. It became pretty obvious at this point that I was drunk, Alex was drunk and Shauna was out of it. She was very drunk. I mean, she was stumbling all over the place and dropped her chips on the floor. Cue scream. We carried on and Shauna decided she needed the toilet and she couldn't hold it. Instead of going into a secluded area like a normal person, she attempted to climb over a small fence, like only hip-height, which was next to a junction in the road and a few metres away from another nightclub. Note that I said attempted, yes, in her attempt to climb over the fence she somehow fell over it into the bush resulting in an "ouch" when she hit the ground. Honestly, it was so funny but we were concerned and helped her up. Then, we realised she hit her head as she fell but she looked fine and there was no visible wound. We carried on walking, this time through a secluded alley so that she could go to the toilet, but she had completely forgotten about it by that point. Not long after, a man appeared out of nowhere and we went down a side street to avoid him, you know five girls alone and all. He was not a murderer and did not follow us. 

Half an hour later we arrived home and proceeded to, in true girly fashion, take off our makeup, brush our teeth and get into our pj's as loudly as possible. It was four in the morning now and Shauna had a very visible lump on her head, think of a cartoon character being hit in the head with a gold ball, something like that and a cut in the middle of her forehead. We made our beds, two on the floor and two in my single bed, which wasn't as bad as I thought and with a "goodnight" we all went to bed. 

This concluded a long day of birthday celebrations with the people I love and I had the most amazing Day. I can honestly say that presents, though lovely, really mean nothing when it comes to your birthday, being able to celebrate with people that care about you is a truly amazing experience. Even though I turned 22, I'm ready to celebrate next year when it comes and to spend as much time as I can returning the favour with all the people I love and took the time to come and celebrate with me. 
Thank you, those reading this that came and celebrated with me. Thank you, to everybody that wished me a happy birthday whether by card or social media. Thank you, just for reading this because gosh is it boring. Thank you, to my beautiful twin sister who lets me make our birthday a big thing and forgives me when I say "my birthday" instead of "our birthday". She is truly the most amazing person and my rock. 

All my love, Tiffani. 

P.S. If you want to know more about me and my sister, I could do a little interveiw thing with her, like questions and answers, let me know what you think. 


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