A Queer Time

It's that time of year again, the time of year that all the beautiful queer people of the world unite on social media and in real life. Yes, it's pride month. A time of celebration and well, pride. It's a beautiful time. I love it. The rainbow dominates my twitter feed and all over the world, there are people of all shapes, sizes, races, sexualities and genders posting selfies under the hashtag #pride2017 🌈 and it's truly beautiful. I personally like every selfie I see on my feed but at this time, I revel in the in the diversity I see because it's truly breathtaking. So, I thought that this first blog post, the popping of my blogger cherry, could be dedicated not only to my journey as part of the LGBT+ community but also to all the people out there that are enjoying their sexuality or struggling with it, to every single beautiful person that wants to celebrate with pride. 

The beautiful raindbow pride flag. (This is not my picture, I
this one on Google images.)

Firstly, I'm bisexual. Yes, the greediest of all sexualities according to everybody that doesn't understand that not all people are constrained by notions of gender. For me, I don't think gender matters, I care about people and who they are as a person. If you're a nice person that's all that matters. So yes, both sexes are attractive to me. 

The beautiful flag of my people. 
I didn't "come out." There was no need for me to come out. I am who I am and I always have been that person, so no, no coming out for me.  (The whole notion of  "coming out" actually makes me really sad but maybe that's a story for another day.) And, my family accept me and if they didn't that would be their problem, not mine. I love who I am. My mum doesn't care about the gender of my partner, she cares about my happiness and that's really all there is to it. There wasn't a journey to discovery really, just me; a girl that doesn't care about what other people think. 

I don't know if I have a famous LGBT+ role model because I don't judge people on their sexuality, I think it's important to see everybody as humans first and foremost and judge them accordingly. Sexuality, gender, race or whatever doesn't mean anything to me, as long as you're a good person, then I will probably look up to you. 

Honestly, a group of my friends are bisexual which is great, it's always nice to be around people that can talk openly about sexuality. I'd say half of my friends are part of the LGBT+ community and the rest are very supportive people, so I really don't think there was a first person in the community I met. I just know lots of very open people. 

Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend my first pride and it was AMAZING!!!!!

Yes, my first pride was in 2006, last year. 


I honestly have no answer, I'm lazy but also super organised so I like to have everything planned and just never managed to do that for pride before now. 

My best friend lives in Brighton and I was fortunate enough to be able to stay with her. So, we went up on Friday and spent the night getting people's outfits ready which meant three hours using these blow pens on two tops for my friend, then glitter and neon pens, It was a very creative and long activity. Then, we went to bed and woke up in the morning ready for pride. I decided to do myself a little rainbow eyeshadow which people didn't think I could do, and I proved them wrong. I was so in love with this makeup. Then, I had to do everybody's face paint and we set off. 

The above pictures (left to right) are me and my twin sister, Tammy, and me and my best friend, Jess.

We took the bus further into Brighton and met up with another group of people and set up ready for the parade, and when I say ready, we were at the front and drinking cold cider. It was bliss. 
Then, the parade started and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life, I can't describe it, it was like a party, birthday and festival all rolled into one and the best part, people truly didn't give a f*** what anybody else thought. I wish I wore something different, partly because of the dodgy tanlines I got and because I wore black. 

I didn't take that much pictures because I was having so much fun but the whole parade was fantastic. I got to spend the day with my favourite people and some new ones too, there was candy being handed out. I GOT THE LAST ONE. A prie police car and just biazarre things in the parade. It was once in a life time. I even got to join in when one of the dancers pulled me into the parade. So yes, the whole day was utterly amazing. 

Afterwards, we fought our way through the busy streets of Brighton to my friend's friends house, which was close and in the perfect place to watch everybody watching the parade continue to party. 

We had some food and enjoyed the sunshine for a few hours before returning home and then, had more food, met more friends and got ready for a party. It was truly a magical experience. And yes, I'm doing it again this year!!! If any of you are considering going to Brighton pride, please do and let me know, I'd love to meet you all there!!!!!!

I honestly have no idea what to say now. I think I've covered everything.
I hope you've enjoyed this post. 


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