New year goals

Hello, all you beautiful people. I haven't been posting as much as I did during the summer and here are the reasons, firstly, I started a new job just before Christmas and secondly, I had nothing interesting to write about. Unless you wanted a play-by-play of my day at work, spoiler alert: even I wouldn't read that. *YAWN* But, it's the end of the year and I couldn't resist one last blog post. 2017 is almost over like it's a matter of hours before the New Year begins and we all try to reset ourselves so that 2018 model is better than the previous ones.

Until now, I've never given myself resolutions because I just can't keep to them. So, what's the point? Well, to make ourselves into a better version of ourselves. That sounded 100% better in my head. Anyway, I think resolutions are too strong. We make them, break them and then hate ourselves for it. Instead, I'm going to set myself some goals. Goals to aspire to within 2018 and at the end of the year, I'll buy myself a massive present or something as a reward. I haven't really thought it through that much, all I know is imma set myself some goals so stay tuned. 

GOAL NUMBER ONE: STOP being so hard on myself.
This is a big one. It's true, we're all our own worse critic. I know I can be pretty hard on myself. I berate myself for something I said the previous ay knowing full well I can't change the fact that I said it and well, what's the point? THERE ISN'T ONE. It only serves to make me hate myself. And I do not need any more sleepless nights. So, I need to change, to stop being so hard on myself. I know it's not going to be an easy change but it will only impact my life positively, so it's worth it. 

GOAL NUMBER TWO: Keep active.
Shameful admission coming up, I haven't done any exercise in a year and a half. You read that correctly. A YEAR AND A HALF. I've neglected myself in this regard. I think that exercise is an integral part of not only keeping the body active but the mind as well. Also, I need to stop locking myself in the house for days on end because I only feel worse afterwards. Instead, I will take every opportunity to be active and outdoors whether it's going for a walk or run or whatever.

GOAL NUMBER THREE: Write at least two times a week,
As a graduate, I found myself in a void of well, boredom. You'd think this would breed good writing but it didn't, if anything it made writing harder. Recently, I've been getting back into the swing of writing and I haven't regretted it yet, how could I? I love writing. My routine with writing has been erratic so from now on, I'm going to write fiction at least two times a week.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a hardback copy of Matt Haig's How to Stop Time and it reminded me of something I often forget, I love to read. It's my favourite thing to do. There's nothing like sitting down and experiencing the world an author has created. I'm not saying that I need to read all the time but a couple of chapters a night would go down a treat.

GOAL NUMBER FIVE: Focus on the future.
After graduating from University the prospect of the future became terrifying, there were just too many choices and routes and responsibilities. But it's important to always keep an eye on the future. I know that I'll be looking forward from now on.

This is one of the most important. There's nothing wrong with letting oneself have some fun. We all need to have a laugh and joke and mess around occasionally. I'm young and allowed to have fun.

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post in about three months saying that I've stuck to none of the above goals. I hope I can stick with them but I guess we'll see in the New Year.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog and read my posts.


Tiffani. x


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